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Product Information and Care

Product Information and Care
Taking good care of your solid wood furniture will ensure its longevity. Every piece of wood is unique in the way nature intended it. Because of this, and the hand-crafted workmanship of our furniture, each item is as individual as the artisan who created it. The variances found in our products are an intrinsic part of their beauty.

Wood is a natural material which reacts to its environment. Although our furniture is made from kiln dried wood, some swelling and shrinking is normal with all solid woods (just like the 100 year old house where the doors stick when the weather changes). Some “Checking” or hairline cracks due to this movement should be expected and are not considered to be damage or a defect. Occasionally, especially in more extreme weather conditions, a spit may occur. If this happens, bring us your item and we will gladly restore the piece for you (see our Jaya Guarantee).

How To Care For Your Wooden Furniture:
• Use coasters, placemats and trivets to avoid discoloration to the wood finish/stain.
• Wipe up spills immediately;
• Do not use cleaning products that contain silicone or concentrated chemicals (ex: Pledge);
• Clean regularly using Jaya recommended cleaning products;
• Avoid placing your furniture near fire places or in direct sunlight.
• Never leave hot or ice cold items directly on the surface on any wood product for extended periods of time

For outside use:
Teak is the best wood there is for outside use (heck, they make boat decking out of teak). However, the wood stain/finish will weather and eventually your teak will silver (turn a silver/grey color). If you do not like the hallmark teak silvering, we recommend applying a marine grade varnish which can be found at most boating stores and is easy to apply (re-apply regularly).

Chinese Village Antiques:
Avoid placing in direct heat or sunlight. Larger movement of the wood in the Chinese antiques should be expected in air conditioned and heated environments.

Feel free to call us if you have any questions or problems.
We want you to love your Jaya furniture for years to come.