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Balinese Boat Wood Coffee Tables

The Balinese Boat Wood Coffee Tables are made from the wood of old Balinese fishing boats. After a long and productive life providing a livelihood for seaside families, the boats eventually need to be put into retirement, but the amazingly thick and durable teak is ready to be reincarnated into an amazing piece of furniture. The bright colors are the original boat colors (like to boat shown), so every piece is unique with a history all of its own. 

Each hand-crafted coffee table is truly unique. The bright colors are original to the boats like the one shown. Some planks of wood might even have a few barnacles embedded in them. Enjoy the variations created by the organic materials used and the hand-craftsmanship, knowing that no other coffee table will be like yours. Call us for photos, sizes and prices of available coffee tables.

By its nature, reclaimed wood will be somewhat uneven, and may cup or bow slightly over time, enhancing the one-of-a-kind character of each piece; small amounts of checking (cracks) may be present. 

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