Jaya Furniture

Petrified Wood Lamp Table

The amazing petrified wood end tables/stools are stunning in the way only miracles of nature can create. They hail from the volcanic island of Java, the perfect breeding ground for the petrification process. In the recesses of time, the many volcanoes of the island erupted spewing ash entombing the forests below. The hot ash instantly killed the microbes and bacteria which normal rot wood allowing time to work its magic. Now, the Javanese stumble across the ancient petrified trees when excavating the ground for various reasons, such as putting in a foundation for new roads or buildings. 

The petrified wood is polished to a sleek luster allowing all of the color tones to show. Each piece is unique in color, mineral deposits, shape and size and is placed on a custom made stainless steel base. Call us for photos of available pieces.

- Small cracks and imperfections are celebrated as a part of the unique quality of each piece. 

- Where natural indentations or knots in the tree exist, the polishing can't reach. Therefore, some areas may be present with the original rough texture.

- Due to the weight variables, individual shipping quotes are necessary for each piece. Please contact us for a quote to your area.

- Availability is subject to change. If this item is not in stock, the arrival time may exceed 30 days. Please call or email us for an estimated time of arrival.